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When should I harvest my Plantables plants?

You’ve planted your plants, you’ve watered them, you’ve loved them and you waited.

Then, all of a sudden, *POP* you start to see fruits and veggies appearing.

☝️ You when you see your first fruits and veggies pop up.


But when do you harvest your brag-worthy plants? Now that’s the big question.

So, we thought we’d share a few tips!

When should you harvest your Plantables tomatoes?

Once you’ve loved and nurtured your plants, you can expect your plants to show some small green tomatoes. Man, that’s an exciting moment. It never gets old.

But don’t pick them yet! They still need a day to weeks to be perfect.

On it’s a way to riping the tomato will change from green to yellow to red. Be sure that you can see the whole tomato, and that it is entirely red.

(Well, unless you’re growing our heirloom yellow cherry tomato; then you should only see yellow. Otherwise, they’d be called heirloom red cherry tomato. Oh, and the Heirloom Beefsteak tomato should be completely purple. )

How do I know when to harvest my bell peppers?

Peppers are awesome. They can be harvested at many different times so you have a mix of green, yellow, orange and red peppers. (They’re actually all the same pepper at different stages of the ripening stage. Crazy, eh?)

On top of that, if you are patient and wait for your pepper to turn red, it will contain 11 times more beta-carotene, eight times more vitamin A and two times more vitamin C than it’s younger green self.

All of us right now.


How to harvest leafy greens

When it comes to harvesting leafy greens, there are two ways we suggest to get the very best quality leaves:

Technique #1:

Remove the outer larger leaves to use for smaller uses and leave the inner layers for later. This is great when you want to add some green to your sandwiches or prepare a small salad for one.

Technique #2:

Cut and come again: this technique is the Daddy-O. Not only do you get tonnes of tasty iron-packed greens, but it encourages the plant to grow again, giving you continual green bounty! Winner!

To do it, grab the plant with one hand and cut across the plant with a pair of planter shears, leaving an inch or so of the plant left. Then, munch down on your tasty produce and watch as the inch-or-so of your plant grows new leafy greens for you to eat!


Harvesting your herbs

When it comes to harvesting your herbs you want to be careful from taking to much of the plant in one go. Really, you only ever want to take a third of the plant to help it continue to be happy and healthy.

Step 1. Avoid cutting the leaves and instead try cutting the stem. This helps the plants continue to grow. (It’s why things like spinach and herbs from the supermarket have their stems still attached.)

Step 2. Keep your eyes pealed for new growth on your plant (baby shoots or bits of bright green). Wherever you see signs of new growth, cut above that spot.

Step 3. If your herb is getting a little overgrown, you can shape it by removing all of the longer herbs above the new growth. This will give you a huge harvest and keep the plant healthy.

Then, take your herbs, head to the kitchen and embrace your inner Gordon Ramsay. (Although, perhaps with less swearing.)


Follow these tips and you’ll be set to grow and harvest fresh brag-worthy fruit, veggies and herbs! (Don’t forget to take a snap of your plants — or the meals you make — and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!)