COVID-19 Update: Due to carrier delays that impact plant quality, we are unable to accept USA orders.

How it works

We designed the school program to be as simple and hassle-free as possible! Rather than lots of complicated forms and money collection, we’ve kept it to three easy steps:

school-step1 REGISTER

Register your school for a Plantables coupon code.


Share the coupon code with everybody you know and tell them to enter it at the checkout when they order plants from


Everybody gets garden-ready fruits and veggie plants delivered to their door exactly when they want them, and your school gets 10% of every order.

Register your interest to get an in-depth information pack with even more questions answered!


Q: How much can we raise for our school?

We don’t cap the amount you can earn at all! The more Plantables boxes ordered with your code, the more you earn for your school.

(And there’s no minimum order either, so there’s no pressure to sell lots of boxes of plants.)

Q: Do I have to go pick up my plants or have them delivered to the school?

Not at all.

We’ll send every plant directly to the door of everybody who orders. All you have to do is share the coupon code (and perhaps send out a few reminders). We’ll take care of everything else.

Q: How long can we run the fundraiser for?

Here’s the beauty of our Plantables School Program: you can run the program for as little as a month or as much as the whole school year. (You can even run it alongside other fundraisers!)

(And because it’s so easy to run, it’s a great way to keep topping up the school’s funds all year round. Need a little bit of money for some equipment? Just send an email out or post something on social media!)