Heirloom Tomato Kit

Salsas, salads, pizzas, sauces and – if you’re incredibly adventurous – a dessert called Tomate du Saltambique. Is there anything the humble tomato can’t do?

Start growing your own brag-worthy tomatoes with this easy-to-grow kit.

6 garden-ready tomato plants

Four varieties of hardy tomato plants ready to put in the ground, straight from the box, leaving you to ponder the important questions, like whether ketchup is technically a smoothie or whether Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong pronounced tomato right.

$25.00 (Free shipping)

What's in the box?

Patio Red Cherry Tomato (x2)
Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato (x1)
Heirloom Yellow Cherry Tomato (x1)
Heirloom Cherry Tomato (x2)

Ready to start your journey to green-thumbed glory?

$25.00 (Free shipping)