The Pepper Kit

From baba ghanoush to salsa verde that’s un poco picante, this pepper kit is full of garden-ready peppers that are just right for making dishes from around the world.

6 garden-ready pepper plants

Take the Spice Girls’ advice literally and use this box of six, garden-ready pepper plants to spice up your life.*

*Only one of these peppers is hot, but we couldn’t resist a few good pepper puns.

$25.00 (Free shipping)

What's in the box?

Patio Bell Pepper (x1)
Patio Red Chilli Pepper (x1)
Sweet Snacking Pepper (x1)
Jalapeno (x1)
Habanero (x1)
Mad Hatter – Hot Pepper (x1)

Ready to start your journey to green-thumbed glory?

$25.00 (Free shipping)