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OK, brace yourself for some serious plant-science.

Your Plantables plants are grown at the state-of-the-art facility of our sister company, Roelands Plant Farms Inc. (They grow the same plants for farmers and growers all across North America.)

At that facility, we use every technique and technology imaginable to grow healthy, happy plants.

What technology do you use?

A fellow plant technology nerd, eh? You’re among friends here.

We use (deep breath) venlo style glass roofs, high pressure sodium grow lights, ebb and flood grow floors, hydroponic irrigation systems, energy saving screens, solar blocking screens, and a hot water heating system. And they’re all completely automated and computer controlled to make sure your seeds grow into happy, healthy and hardy plants.

Hello there! We’re Adrian and Jodi, and we’re the husband-and-wife duo behind Plantables. (You can think of us as the Sonny and Cher of garden-ready fruits and veggies, if you like.)

We remember the first time we tried to grow our first plants, all those years ago. And we especially remember how tricky it was to handle the seedling stage, to find the time in our busy schedules to tend to the seedlings and – to be quite honest – to work out how to even start growing tasty produce.

So, we thought: we already grow high-quality plants for growers across North America, why don’t we do the same for the green-thumbed gurus who grow (or want to grow) their own fruits and veggies at home?

And that’s what we did.

We started Plantables so that you could get the highest-quality, garden-ready plants planted, propagated and shipped straight to your door (rather than settling for the healthiest-looking plant from your nearest big box store).

The sky’s the limit! Whether you want one box or one hundred boxes, we’ll still grow every single plant with love, care and dedication and ship them to your door.

Like Brad Pitt at the end of Seven, everybody always wants to know what’s in the box.

Well, there are six plants in every box. And each box – with the exception of The Kit – contains different varieties of the same type of fruits or veggies. (Six different types of pepper, six different herbs, etc…)

If you’d like to know what varieties of plant are in each box, head over to the Grow Your Own Way page – it’s all on there. (Alongside six-hundred different types of plant puns…)

As soon as you can! You know how you feel after a long car journey – you need a bit of space to stretch your legs, a cold drink and a lot of fresh air – your Plantables are exactly the same.

Dig a hole, plant them and give them a bit of water as soon as they arrive, and you’ll have happy plants in no time. (And a happy plant means lots of tasty fruits and veggies.)

We’re glad you asked! A lot of love went into designing the boxes that your plants arrive in. We wanted to design a box that didn’t just get the plants to your door in one piece, but that kept them protected from any damage whatsoever.

We make sure that they’re well watered before we ship them, so that they’re not gasping for water when they get to you. If you live in a particularly chilly area, we’ll put a heat pack in your boxes so your plants don’t freeze. And, of course, we make sure that they’re only on the road for 3 days (at the most) so they’re safe and healthy when they turn up on your doorstep.